Club Captains


2017/2018 Club Captains: Kerri Tiems and Joshua Auld   

2017/2018 Vice Captains : Teone Fava and Connor Burke


2016/2017 Club Captains : Kerri Tiems and Joshua Auld

2016/2017 Vice Captains :  Joshua Baker / Connor Burke


2015/2016 Club Captains : Isabella Lauer and Mark Doughty

2015/2016 Vice Captains : Sarah Fitzpatrick and Jared Malone 


2014/2015 Club Captains : Kayley James and Dezmond Malone

2014/2015 Vice Captains : Sarah Fitzpatrick and Mark Doughty



Club Captain Honour Roll



The P.A. People
Optus Junior Dolphins
Greater West Physiotherapy
Fishboy Seafoods
Little Caesars Pizza South Penrith
Ripples St Marys Leisure Centre