Only first claim members of Ripples St Mary’s Swimming Club Inc. are eligible to compete in the championship events.


Age for all championships in the 2020/2021 summer season will be as at 22/02/2021 (i.e) Commencement date of the Age Championship events.


Championships will be swum according to the published program only.


The Race Committee reserves the right to add or delete events to the time trial and club championship programs.


To be eligible for Age or Distance Championships, the swimmer must have completed the following criteria prior to the commencement of these Championships by the nominated date:


  1. Participated in at least SEVEN (7) programmed club nights - subject to change with swimmer number increase.
  2. Swum that stroke/distance SUCCESSFULLY by achieving an ‘official time’ at Club Night at LEAST ONCE during the current season.
  3. Family member has fulfilled volunteer duties on a MINIMUM of SEVEN (7) nights - subject to change as above.


Championship Eligibility Reports will be published weekly to enable swimmers to keep track of swims already completed for Championship qualifying.


The cost of entering Championships (if qualified), will be a one off payment of $10 per swimmer. This $10 payment will cover both Age & Distance Championships. All payments for Age & Distance Championships need to be paid by Monday 25th January 2021.


Entries for both Age Championships and Distance Championships events will be automatically entered by the Race Secretary providing that the above criteria has been met and your Championship fees have been paid.


Points will be allocated for Age and Distance Championships in accordance with Swimming NSW Championship rules.


 1st 35 points
 2nd 30 points
 3rd 26 points
 4th 23 points
 5th 20 points
 6th 17 points
 7th 14 points
 8th 11 points
 9th 8 points
 10th 7 points
 11th 6 points
 12th 5 points
 13th 4 points
 14th 3 points
 15th2 points
 16th1 point